Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chicken Roulades with Chorizo

Chicken Roulades with Chorizo and Manchego
by Anne Burrell

So I stumbled across across this recipe when we were planning to have friends over for dinner. Well, that never happened, but this recipe was just too good to just wait for a special occasion.

I have to say, this dish was pretty amazing. Or at least, the stuffing is what really made this dish. It's a mixture of chorizo (Spanish sausage) and manchego (Spanish cheese). Luckily grocery stores carry a lot more exotic ingredients, so it wasn't too hard to find everything I needed at Safeway.

The stuffing can be made ahead of time, I wouldn't necessarily recommend the day before, but you could probably do it since the whole thing is going in the oven in the end. The stuffing definitely makes enough for about six chickens. However, since I only made three, I used the leftover for breakfast burritos and it was amazing.

So this recipe is a little intimidating. There's butterflying chicken breast, rolling it up and then breading it. Butterflying the chicken breast is definitely the way to go. It keeps the chicken in an even square type shape when you go to pound it. Pounding a regular chicken breast without butterflying it can turn it into some oblong shapes. And since you're rolling it up with a filling, it helps to make sure nothing spilling out.

I recommend using toothpicks to keep the chicken rolled up. Without it, it may have a tendency to unroll itself. And toothpicks help keep it together when you're dredging the chicken as well. I skipped dredging the chicken step, probably because I was too lazy to do all that breading. While the chicken was still amazing, I think breading it would just add that extra element to really make this dish.

The sauce, was eh. It was a nice element to add a little moisture to the chicken, but I don't know that it was something I would absolutely have to have next time. However, this chicken dish is something I would definitely make again. It can be a good dish to serve dinner guests as it looks impressive and tastes great.

Yum, yum!

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