Monday, May 3, 2010

The Losers

Wow, I am waaaaaaaay behind on my blogging. Lot's to catch up on. Let's start with a movie review: The Losers. Every time I saw this trailer, I always thought it was the trailer for the A-Team which is coming out this summer. Actually, I got The Losers, the A-Team, and MacGruber all mixed up. Gotta say though, I enjoyed this movie a lot more than I thought I would. It's based off a comic book, but what isn't these days?

So these guys are like special ops for the military. They all have super special abilities: sharp shooter, computer geek, knife handler... They end up getting framed and are stuck in a foreign country because everyone thinks they're dead. Oh, and they have no money. Until a mysterious girl (Zoe Saldana) offers her help to smuggle them back in the country in return for them killing Max. And from there the adventure begins.

I really enjoyed this movie. It was light-hearted comic book movie. Is that a genre now? I really enjoyed all the characters and actors that played them. Jeffery Dean Morgan does a good job as the leader who seems to be easily swayed. But he's rugged and wise beyond his years. There's a weird method to his madness. I really liked Chris Evans' turn as the nerdy, computer geek. It was a nice change from his other buff, cool-guy roles. And Zoe Saldana pulls off the tough chick role. My two favorites out of this movie were definitely Chris Evans and Oscar Jaenada who plays the sharp shooter. They were my favorite parts out of the whole movie.

There were some cheesy parts and they do sex Zoe Saldana up a lot. But it's a comic book movie, what do you expect? These guys seemed more relate-able and human than some other heroes. One of the guys has a pregnant wife and it's really warming to see him so concerned about getting back to her. They even sneak him into the hospital when she gives birth!

A great, fun movie that was funny and had action. Though, I liked it more than Wes did. Of course the ending left it open to a sequel. But what movie doesn't do that today? Bonus question: There are a few actors who have already been other comic book characters. Who are the actors and what were their other comic book alter-egos?

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