Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine

Yep. We went to go see it. When you don't have to pay for movies, we take the approach that if we're curious, might as well go see it. Guess who was the curious one out of the two of us? I'll give you a hint: It wasn't me. We went to a Thursday evening movie and guess what? We're the only ones in there...

So you have to go into this movie not expecting a whole lot, which was easy to do. Basically these three guys who were best buds back in the day have drifted a part and it seems like all their lives suck. After an accident, they decide to take a trip back to their old haunting ground at a ski town - which has also seen better days. One thing leads to another and their transported back to the 80s to relive their lives.

This is definitely a guy movie with guy humor. There weren't a whole lot of pie-in-your-face type of jokes or cursing humor. But there were some male anatomy jokes and other male teasing that guys probably relate to. There was some nudity, but it wasn't over the top. Honestly, it was rather clean for what I was expecting. But it is rated R, so keep that in mind.

Our curiosity was satisfied and with our low expectations, the movie was rather enjoyable. I did think that it was weird that John Cusack was in this movie. That is, until I saw that he was a co-producer. Guess it was a project he really wanted to do....

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