Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Book of Eli & Invictus

So Wes and I go to a lot of movies because I can get free movie passes as a perk of my job. The latest two movies we've seen are The Book of Eli and Invictus. Both were good movies.

I liked the cinematography of The Book of Eli. It has a very earthy feel to it. The fighting sequences were pretty cool too. I espeically like the part where Denzel whips out his sword and cuts off a bandit's hand in one fell swoop. Gary Oldman, whom I didn't recognize, plays his characteristic bad guy. Hard to think that this is Commissioner Gordon from the Batman franchise. And Mila Kunis does a credible job in this film. Overall a good movie. It definitely has an interesting message in the end that maybe some people may not pick up. The ending definitely makes you think. Don't want to say too much more without giving it away. Maybe not worth paying $10 to see in the theatre, but worth a rental.

t Invictus is directed by Clint Eastwood (didja know that?) so there's a high expectation for this movie. I also heard a lot of good reviews from co-workers, so we went in with high expectations. No one could have played Nelson Mandela other than Morgan Freeman. He did an impeccable job and definitely earned the Best Actor nom for the Oscars this year. I thought the movie was a little slow, but it is a great story. As a Matt Damon fan, I enjoyed watching him onscreen as well. I never knew much about Nelson Mandela other than he was imprisoned for an extended period of time and then became South Africa's president. How he used the South Africa rugby team to bring together a divided country is incredibly interesting. Definitely a rental if you've missed it in the theatres already.

So that's my amateur review of these two movies. We'll try to do movie reviews as we see them - since we do see a lot. Did you see these movies? What did you think?

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