Saturday, July 10, 2010


When Wes and I first saw the trailer for this, I think two responses immediately came to us: "Oh, no they're making another one?!"and "This looks kinda cool. Wait, was that Adrian Brody?" And yes, Adrian Brody is in this movie along with Topher Grace and Laurence Fishburne.

Basically, it's a relaunch of the series and takes off from the second movie... I think. Wes made (yes, made) me watch the first two with him. This one opens with Adrian Brody waking up mid free-fall and tries to get his parachute to open. He ends up landing in this jungle and eventually finds other people who got there the same way as him. One guy wasn't so fortunate to get his 'chute to open in time. The movie plot is basically all these strangers trying to find out where they are and why they're there. Of course, the Predators end up hunting them.

Anyone want to take guesses as to who gets killed first and who survives? According to the Scream franchise, the black guy always gets killed first and the virgins live. Is that a hint? Maybe. Maybe not. So far, everyone I've talked to has guessed correctly as to who lives and who dies.

This movie wasn't bad. The plot was simple, but the action and suspense was entertaining. Adrian Brody didn't do a bad job of playing the tough-guy hero. He did buff up A LOT for this role though and somewhat proved he can do action movies instead of just dramatic stuff. Topher Grace plays his usual quirky self through most of the movie. But he takes a surprising turn at the end which was kind of refreshing. I won't spoil it with any further. Though maybe I already have. Alice Braga has had some success in playing opposite of some big name actors: Will Smith (I Am Legend), Jude Law (Repo Men) and now Adrian Brody & Laurence Fishburne. She doesn't do a bad job either as a tough chick. She seems to be drawn to those roles. But she adds a nice touch of humanity to this group of tough guys. Leave it to the women. Laurence Fishburne, while he seemed to be given a lot of credit in the previews, didn't have a huge role in this movie. Actually his part was short lived. And no, that's not really a hint.

The special effects were done well. They looked a lot more realistic and polished than the first couple of movies. Sadly Ahhh-nold didn't make a cameo. I did feel a little more scared though watching the first movies than I did this one. Maybe it's because I knew what to expect.

The movie was entertaining enough and Wes liked it. I had a tough time concentrating because we happened to find the spot in the theatre where everyone was talking. The lady to my left, who was sitting right next to me, kept making loud comments to her son and husband about how lame Adrian Brody looked and why was he talking the way he was. Then there was the boy and his dad two seats over from Wes's right. The son was constantly asking what was going on and the dad was constantly explaining. And no, they were not whispering. The boy seemed to think he was adding to the experience by drumming along to the music during the movie. Yes, drumming on his drink cup and tapping his feet on the ground.

I have a reputation of shushing people in movie theatres. I've even shushed kids for talking during a Disney movie. It's probably one of my biggest pet peeves: people who talk during a movie in the theatre. If you're whispering, I don't care. Unless you're whispering loud enough that I can hear you. But if you're only making a comment or two, it doesn't bother me. Have a conversation in the theatre and I will sush you.

Sadly, I didn't have the heart to sush either of these people. I resorted to staring at them when they did open their mouths. Bottom line, silence is golden. 'Kay, I'm getting off my soapbox. Go see Predators if you're a fan of the franchise. Otherwise, wait until it comes out on video to rent and maybe spend a buck at most.

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