Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yes, I went to go see Eclipse. I'm no Twilight fan, but I have to admit, I am curious about what happens. Haven't read the books, but I did read the Wikipedia cliff notes, so I have a basic understanding of the conclusion.

Here's the synopsis of Eclipse: Bella and Edward love each other. Bella wants to become a vampire. Edward doesn't want her to be a vampire. Victoria, a vampire, wants to kill Bella to avenge her lover's death. Jake, a werewolf, is in love with Bella and wants her to choose him. Thus the teenage love triangle continues in this third movie of the Twilight installments.

I went to go see the second one, New Moon, with my co-workers and it was a lot of fun. Mainly because there were a bunch of teenage girls swooning over Edward and Jacob. I asked some of them if they had seen Eclipse and what they thought. They all said that it was a good movie. So I went and spared Wes the googly-eye and giggles of the movie patrons.

The movie was filled with teen angst and teen love and a battle of life and death. The acting was on par with the other movies, which isn't saying much. I think Kristen Stewart hardly ever looks at her co-stars. She's always staring at the ground. Maybe that's how she interprets how love-struck teenagers act. Jacob, still pines for Bella and I think Taylor Lautner spent 90% of the movie without a shirt on. And the group of teenage girls in the front row loved it. I think they're on Team Jacob. Best line of the movie: Edward to Jacob, "Don't you own a shirt?" Or something like that.

I do wish the fight scene was a little longer. That was probably the best part of the movie. The Cullen clan teamed up with the Werewolves to fight the evil newborn vampires (who are supposedly stronger the first few months of their "lives"). Another observation: to be cast as part of the Cullen clan I think you're required to wear really bad wigs and be pale. Good thing Kristen Stewart already has those two things. She'll be a shoo-in no problem. I did also appreciate more of the back stories of the Cullen clan. That was interesting.

Overall, not the greatest movie (are you surprised?). Acting was cheesy and the story-line didn't develop along like the first two movies. Definitely a rental if you're even into the Twilight franchise. And if you're a fan, you've probably already gone to see this in the theatres. Good thing the tickets were free.

Oh, and go Team Jacob!

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