Sunday, April 4, 2010

Clash of the Titans

It seems that Sam Worthington can only do blockbuster movies now. First Avatar and now Clash of the Titans. Wes and I opted not to see it in 3D since the movie was originally made in 2D. It seemed that only when 3D was such a hit with Worthington's other movie, that someone decided to convert the movie into 3D. I don't think the 3D version would've added anything to the movie going experience. I could see a couple of scenes where 3D would've been cool, but other than that I think this movie is perfectly fine going to see in regular old 2D.

If you're a fan of Greek mythology, then you'll definitely enjoy this movie. I can't be positive how accurate all the mythology in the movie is, but it does touch on a lot of it. From the creation of the titans who berthed the gods who berthed man to the story of Io and Medusa, they pack a lot of backstory into this movie. The movie centers around Persius, who is half man, half god. He is "the chosen one" to free man from the gods. I definitely saw a lot of Christian parallels throughout the movie. So, I could see a lot of Christians using this movie as potential symbolism for God's love, etc.

The movie was definitely action packed and it moved along at a quick pace. There was maybe a touch of romance in the movie, but I'm glad they didn't expound on it too much. It would've been cheesy to say the lease. There was a lot of fighting and killing of things - definitely an action movie. You won't be bored watching this movie. The acting was good: Liam Neeson as Zeus was powerful and commanding ("Release the Cragen!" tagline that Wes and I can't stop quoting), Ralph Finnes was dark and hateful as Hades and Worthington played Persius as the main character seeking vengeance on the gods for the death of his human family. I do wish they played more of the other gods into the movie. The only other god to have a speaking role other than Zeus and Hades was Apollo. And that was one line. They mention the other gods, but it would've been more interesting to hear more speak and interact in the story.

Not an Oscar worthy movie, but it was definitely entertaining and probably worth seeing in the theatres. I don't know if 3D would add anything to it, but if you're going to rent the movie, you won't miss out on the 3D version like Alice in Wonderland. This is a movie that if you're wanting to go to the movies, go see this. Otherwise, definitely go rent it when it comes out on video.

Though I do have one question: The titans were no where a part of the movie. So why is the movie called "Clash of the Titans"? Shouldn't it be "Clash of the Gods and Man"? Guess the original title sounds better, but someone help explain this to me.

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