Monday, April 5, 2010

The Best Cupcake Ever

I'm a sweets person. I could probably eat sugar any day and any time. So when I got to work this morning I saw a delectable plate of frosted cupcakes sitting in the kitchen. Now, I have more self-control than to eat a huge cupcake with a ton of frosting at 7:30 in the morning. But seeing that there were only 12 on the plate, I snagged one to save for lunch. There were a good variety, but I was eying the ones that had German Chocolate frosting on them. I hustled back to my desk so no one saw me walking with a cupcake at 7:30 in the morning. Luckily no one's really at work that early.

I have to tell you, it took a ton of self-control not to eat that cupcake before lunch. I would get wafts of the sweet coconut frosting and my mouth started to salivate. If I had been hungry before lunch, there was a good chance that cupcake would've been gone by 10:30. But like my mom taught me, I ate my lunch (or most of it anyway) and then dove into this chocolate concoction sitting on my desk.

This is the kind of cupcake I had - not the exact one. Mine had a ton more frosting on it!
Picture courtesy of Boulder Baked.

It was amazing. The cupcake was moist and chocolaty and the frosting was so sweet with the caramel coconut and pecans. Possibly one one of the best pieces of German chocolate anything I'd ever had. This wasn't a dinky little cupcake either. This was at least the size of my fist and loaded with wonderful icing. It wasn't a pretty sight as I devoured that thing - crumbs falling on the desk, icing all over my fingers. Good thing there wasn't more sitting around because I probably would've gotten another to save for tomorrow.

So where did this amazing cupcake come from? It's called Boulder Baked. The Senior Director at work also owns his own bakery. I hear his cookies are amazing as well. Wes and I will be taking a little day trip so that I can have another cupcake in the near future. But maybe we'll go for a hike first so I can earn those extra calories back. Or, if you come visit, maybe we'll make a special trip so you can experience it first hand.

That's how good this was, I had to blog about it!

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