Sunday, March 14, 2010

Remember Me

Ok, I admit it: I went to see Remember Me because of Robert Pattinson. Now I'm no Twilight fan, but I was a bit curious to see if Robert Pattinson could do more than just brood and be a moody vampire. I'm sad to report that he does maybe a little better in this movie than the Twilight movies.

So the trailers promoted this movie as pretty much a chick-flick with shots of Robert Pattinson and his love interest flirting and making out and all that stuff. Well, the movie is not a chick-flick. It's more in the drama genre. I'm not quite sure what the plot of the movie was. Robert Pattinson did a lot of brooding and was a moody twenty-something. His character, Tyler, lost his older brother and maybe that's the reason why he's so moody in this film? Tyler has no direction in life and really doesn't do much of anything except pick fights and get into trouble.

Well ultimately Tyler meets and dates this girl, Ally, who has also lost someone in her family. You'd think that's what this movie is about. But not really. Both Tyler and Ally also have issues with their dads. So is that what this movie is about? Well a little more so. I guess this is about a movie about Tyler dealing with life. Not at all what I anticipated going into this movie.

Well, Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin, who plays Ally, have no chemistry. All of their scenes together are not that interesting and yeah, kind of cheesy. The flirting and romancing - it all looks forced and not so natural. Pierce Bronson plays Tyler's high-powered and disconnected dad. He's pretty much a jerk in the movie but eventually comes around to the charming James Bond we once knew. Chris Cooper plays Ally's dad who, as a cop, is way overprotective of his daughter. He wasn't bad in the movie, but expected him to be in better quality stuff. The best part of the movie was Tyler's interaction with his kid sister, Caroline. Caroline is definitely the sunshine in this kind of depressing movie. And the way Robert Pattinson interacts with her should be the chemistry he has with his on-screen girlfriend.

So the movie drags on and then the end of the movie comes and is incredibly sad and depressing. Robert Pattinson was an executive producer of this movie and I have a feeling a good chunk of his Twilight paycheck went into this downer of a movie. Definitely skip this at the theatre and at Blockbuster, unless you're a die-hard Twilight fan. Then maybe you'll enjoy drooling over Robert Pattinson as a moody, brooding human being.

I do like the poster for this movie though:

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