Monday, March 1, 2010

It Feels Good to be Orange!

Syracuse basketball is on quite a run! They've only lost two games - two! - this entire year. They just killed 'Nova (ranked #8) on Saturday and rumor has it that there's a VERY good chance they'll be #1 in the nation today. The Dome set a record in tickets sold. The last record was held when Carmelo Anthony was playing - almost six years ago. My very good friend (and tennis buddy) found a Syracuse bar in downtown Denver which was awesome. I have a feeling I will be going back there over the next few weeks as Syracuse continues it's amazing run. It feels so good to be Orange!

And yes, I'm a bandwagon/fairweather fan. I admit, I didn't know any of the players going into Saturday's game.

Go 'Cuse!

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