Sunday, June 6, 2010

Robin Hood

So this new version of Robin Hood is not the Robin Hood movies from the past. It's actually, in a sense, a prequel to the well known legend of Robin Hood. It starts off with Robin fighting in the Crusades with King Richard and it eventually leads him back to England to take up the life as Robin of Loxley. The movie basically leads up to how Robin becomes the man that we are all so familiar with.

It's an entertaining movie and quite an interesting way to tell the story of Robin Hood. Ridley Scott, who directed, definitely takes a different approach to all the characters. I don't know much of Scott's interpretation is based on the actual story of Robin Hood, but he tells an interesting story in this movie. I especially enjoyed Robin's buddies from the Crusades. When there is a sequel made, I think the band of Merry Men will be fun to watch.

Russell Crowe did a good job as usual. His role does seem a little similar to his Gladiator role, which I kept thinking of during the movie because my co-worker liked to refer to this movie as Gladiator 2. Cate Blanchet plays her typical strong heroine role. Can she play any other role? While she did a good job, I think I would rather see someone else in this role than her.

I admit, I fell asleep in the middle of the movie. It was long, got a bit slow in the middle and seemed to take a while to get to the resolution of all the problems. The ending was definitely entertaining and worthwhile, I just wished they got there a little sooner. It was fun to see all the characters develop into the characters we know now. Overall a good movie. Not a must-see in the theatre, but if worth it if you go. Definitely a rental though when it comes out.

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