Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Warm Doubletree Cookies

Ever had a Doubletree cookie? They are AMAZING. At my first job, we did some offsite meetings at a Doubletree hotel, so they would occasionally send the department cookies. So delicious, we all assumed there was at least a stick of butter in each cookie. They're chocolately and nutty. Just overall yummy.

Well I had to travel for work one weekend for an event we are hosting for a diet company and I had to book a hotel. Scrolling through the list of options I saw a Doubletree. Doubletree cookie for my travels? Yes, please! Done deal. When I arrived at the hotel, around 7:30 PM local time, the front desk girl checked me and and said, "And here are your warm Doubletree cookies." I told her that was why I booked there. I'm not ashamed.

I quickly devoured the first cookie before I even had dinner. Don't ever pass up a warm cookie! I texted my friend from my old job about the cookies and she commented that shouldn't I be counting my calories since I'm going to this diet company's event tomorrow? Nope! I'm not an attendee!

Just look at these babies! I unselfishly saved the second cookie for Wes. I don't think he appreciated them as much as me. This is not a plug for Doubletree, but if you ever get a chance to stay at one, get a cookie! -Or two.

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  1. Jake you're right Doubletree Cookies are "The Best"! I usually order a tin to take home with me; because, I just can't get enough. Loved the post!